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About Shawn Marie

My interest in nutrition began in the late 1980’s as a teenager struggling to overcome bulimia nervosa.  After realizing I had lost control and my ability to enjoy life, I spent time seeing a psychologist and also began working with a nutritionist. Together, these experts helped me begin my healing journey. Five years ago, I focused on improving my nutrition and lifestyle, successfully remediating endometriosis, fibrocystic breasts, depression, immune-mediated joint disease, chronic sinusitis, anxiety, panic attacks, multiple allergies, and even my esophageal regurgitation. Through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle modifications, I was able to transform my health.  I have more energy in my 50’s than any other time in my life.  I am pain free, filled with hope, peace and joy. As I healed I wanted to better understand these conditions by pursuing an advanced degree in nutrition.   
Earning a Master’s Degree in holistic nutrition required years of study and allowed me to develop a solid foundation in nutrition. I have successfully achieved Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition®, demonstrating that I have achieved the highest credential.  
Being Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® enables me to serve you using the most current research and advanced nutritional science. To maintain this designation, I am required to take part in and document my continuing education.
With over 10 years’ experience teaching Barre, yoga, and meditation, my focus has now evolved to help women of all ages to reconnect with their true self, nourish their bodies, balance their hormones, and eliminate anxiety, depression and eating disorders. In so doing, vitality and spiritual growth always follow. My work combines knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and environmental factors and how these various elements impact health and wellbeing.  Taking all this a step further by reviewing individual laboratory test values, nutritional deficiencies/excesses, stress levels, and potential toxin exposures, I can target underlying causes of physical and/or mental concerns.  Rather than treating symptoms, together we can uncover the underlying causes and follow a path to healing.


My Core Values

We practice what we preach


As a fair and honest individual, Shawn provides her clients with clear assessments and recommendations to improve their health.


In addition to earning a Master’s degree “cum laude” from The American College of Healthcare Sciences, Shawn has demonstrated an ability to apply that knowledge to better understand and care for the unique challenges presented by each client.


Through her years of education and post-graduate training, Shawn has a network of outstanding nutrition and lifestyle experts with whom she discusses cases to confirm interpretations and management strategies.


Without doubt, “we are what we eat.” Shawn stimulates excitement and enthusiasm in each person when helping them achieve their goals She brings that excitement by identifying logical and practical solutions. She is also an experienced chef with an abundance of amazing recipes!

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