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Reviving Our Earth: Regenerative Farming for Sustainable Food and Climate Restoration

Summary: Alice Waters may be making her biggest stand yet! She is attempting to convince the University of California and all its schools to commit to purchasing all food from regenerative farms.

Regenerative Farming for Sustainable Food and Climate Restoration

Our neighbors invited my husband and I to their house party celebrating their newly planted permaculture garden. As we were appreciating the potential bounty to be derived from this space and chatting with our wonderful neighbors, two women walked up and introduced themselves before they continued on by, seeking shade of a nearby tree. I turned to my neighbor and said “She sure looks like Alice Waters.” Mary, our neighbor, agreed. My husband told me to go talk to her. I thought, “Why not!”

It was indeed, the famous restaurateur and social influencer. I was at once filled with reverence and gratitude and thanked her for her contributions to the slow-food movement and to school gardens. She then told me of her latest goal: to speak with the University of California Regents to propose they commit to regenerative farming by purchasing all of the food and related items from local, regenerative farmers.

I was blown away! Both my husband and I agreed this would have a profound influence on the rest of the world. If UC led the charge with this commitment, they could help lead not only the rest of our country, but the world in promoting regenerative farming. A practice that nurtures and restores soil health, protects the climate by sequestering carbon back into the earth, decreasing toxic chemical use, reversing climate change, safeguarding farm animals, water resources and increasing biodiversity while enhancing farms’ productivity and profitability improving and increasing soils to grow foods. Now that would be impressive.

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